[Exhibition] Big Bang Data

The CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) dedicate a big exhibition to the question of Data until october 26th, 2014. At this time, we participate everyday to  an increasing Data flow: pictures, maps, personal informations… We access, we share and generate a huge quantity of Data, especially since the advent of Web 2.0. This informations' outbreak changes our societies, our ways of life. Olga Subirós & José Luis de Vicente, curators, invite Christopher BakerChris JordanIngo Gunther , Erik Kessels, David BowenAaron KoblinEric FischerNear Future LaboratoryBestiario, along with investigators, activists, designers, educators, analysts, cartographers, engineers, economists, architects, communicators, programmers, journalists and many others. They propose to have a global thinking through differents views, analysis, meetings. 

CCCB © Gunnar Knechtel Photography, 2014

It's the first CCCB Beta exhibition, trying to bring an integrative approach to the culture of the 21st century and the far-reaching transformations of the digital age. BIG BANG DATA is the first in this series of proposals to address the areas of friction that these changes are introducing in the fields of science, technological and social innovation, and political, economic and cultural challenges. As most of these type of events, it melts exhibition, conferences and workshops.

David Bowen presents Tele-Present Water, a metal grid structure moving with the waves of see’s Data: the physical movement of the surface of the water, the intensity and movement of the sea’s waves at a specific location, buoy number 46075 of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, located in the Shumagin Islands of Alaska (53° 54′ 39″ N and 160° 48′ 21″ W).

Erik Kessels makes a mound of photographies that correspond to the images uploaded to Flickr over a 24-hour period (Photo on top: CCCB © Gunnar Knechtel Photography, 2014). Paolo Cirio & Alessandro Ludovico stole the information of a million personal profiles in Facebook, classifying them by their facial features. With these data they created a false dating website, Lovely-Faces.com. Over the course of the five days of the life of the project, it received over one thousand mentions in the media, eleven threats to sue, and several letters from Facebook’s lawyers. Also about social networks, Hello World! Is fed by fragments of thousands of personal video diaries posted online, melt on a big wall.

Hello World! by Christopher Baker, CCCB © Gunnar Knechtel Photography, 2014

Big Bang Data exhibition in CCCB
Until October 26th, 2014

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