Digitalarti Mag #10

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This summer, you have several options to give your body a makeover: run it through the beachside skate parks on the U.S. West Coast, sublimate it into an online avatar, or implant it with various devices (robotics, chips, etc.) in order to increase its potential. This 10th issue of Digitalarti presents artists who use technology with a cyberpunk/cybersex agenda to explore our “cyborg future*”. The artist Daan Roosegaarde, on the cover, offers us “intelligent” dresses made of aluminum that become transparent according to our heart rate (Intimacy 2.0) or the approach of another (Intimacy).
Also featured is an informative stroll through New York City’s digital arts production and exhibition venues, as well as reports from festivals and exhibitions in Montreal, Tourcoing and Paris. For travelers landing in Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport, Digitalarti has installed Miguel Chevalier’s virtual gardens, Sur-Natures 2012, in the brandnew international terminal (CDG 2E), invited by Aéroports de Paris.
And we invite anyone who will be in Paris this summer to visit our Art Lab, where we’re currently making the prototype of Julien Levesque’s “Connected Shell”, which will let you hear all the seas of the world in real time…

The new Digitalarti website is now live. Under Magazine, you’ll find all the previous issues, including all our in-depth articles. Please feel free to send us your comments or feedback, as we continue to improve and develop this online magazine.

The month of September will be rich in events: in the U.S. with the ZERO1 Biennial in Silicon Valley and in Europe with Ars Electronica in Linz, TodaysArt in The Hague, Scopitone in Nantes… Happy travels and happy reading.


* This theme was also developed in Art et Culture(s) Numérique(s), Panorama international, a book published by Centre des Arts d’Enghien-les-Bains and edited by Musiques & Cultures Digitales. Digitalarti is producing the e-book for release on September 20.

In this 10th Digitalarti Mag...

04 NEWS info, blogs and links /
07 CHRONICLES Michel Serres, Jean-Paul Fourmentraux…
08 DIGITAL ART strolling through New York
12 PANORAMA the fourteenth
14 SHU LEA CHEANG interactive mythologies
16 CONNECTED BODIES and artistic phantasmagorias
18 DAN ROOSEGAARDE techno-poetry & interactive architecture
22 MANIFESTE 2012 international festival & multidisciplinary academy
24 BAINS NUMÉRIQUES when digital arts reinvent the city
26 SIGHT & SOUND systems of symmetry
28 ELEKTRA international digital arts biennial
32 AGENDA exhibitions, festivals…