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Are we now fully immersed in the age of machines? This is the question that we will all be asking, from 3rd June to 3rd July 2016, during the international cultural rendezvous organised by ELEKTRA and the Arsenal Contemporary Art space in Montreal, as part of the major exhibition for the 3rd International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN). An exhibition with as theme AUTOMATA: art made by machines for machines.

It is impossible to make an exhaustive list of events gracing Montreal with their presence this year. Indeed, it’s a double (or even triple!) celebration for this Quebec metropolis, since in addition to the 17th unrivalled Elektra festival, devoted to digital artistic practices, from 1st to 5th June, the International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN) is also taking place, for the 3rd time. Elektra/BIAN have a particularly intriguing and exciting theme lined up, since the event is reviewing the advent of artificial intelligence and robotics, from the perspective of their impact on contemporary artistic production. An opportunity to discover works combining robotics, virtual reality and augmented reality, as well as immersive installations, sculptures and videos, produced by - or thanks to - technological, mechanical and electronic artefacts. Under the heading “Art made by machines for machines”, visitors are therefore invited to discover tomorrow’s artistic practices. 

Automata BIAN 2016
Matthew Biederman, Serial Mutations (modulus)


AUTOMATA at Arsenal Contemporary Art

The AUTOMATA exhibition, the focal point of the international event, obviously places great emphasis on Quebecois and Canadian artists. This is an opportunity to discover works by Matthew Biederman (QC-CA/US) who will present Serial Mutations (modulus), Tom Sherman (US/CA) with the moving and amazing video Learning to see the laboratory where the robot is programmed to work in which a robot is invited to describe its environment with a video recorder. There will also be Bill Vorn (QC-CA) in attendance with the impressive performance INFERNO, Nicolas Baier (QC-CA) and his monumental mirror sculpture Eternity, Ben Bogart (BC-CA) and his interpretation of the impact of foresight in the technological and artistic imaginary world, with Watching and Dreaming (2001, A Space Odyssey) Version 1, Laura Kikauka and Norman White (ON-CA), Philippe Internoscia (QC-CA), Kenny Wong (HK/CA) as well as Paolo Almario (QC-CA) presenting the overthrow of man by machine in the dystopia dyforme.

Not to be missed, the INFERNO performance that will take place at the Arsenal on the 3rd and 4th June. A participative creation by the Montrealers Louis-Philippe Demers and Bill Vorn inspired by Dante’s Inferno. The particularly impressive, INFERNO comprises twenty-five exoskeletons, made and controlled by the artists, with intoxicating and coercive abilities that the audience will be able to test in situ

Pe Lang BIAN
PE Lang moving objects | n ° 1703 – 1750

Switzerland as guest of honour

For this third edition, BIAN welcomes Switzerland as the guest of honour. This is a chance to browse the full area of research and creation proposed by the Swiss Confederation, with a selection of artists including P.E. Lang with the works Moving Objects n ° 1703 – 1750, Moving Objects n°1415 -1702 and positioning systems VI. Also exhibited, the hypnotic bright mechanism Full Turn by Benjamin Muzzin, Déjà Entendu and Opera Automaton by Lukas Truniger (read Prix Cube portrait), as well as Tower the impressive sound sculpture by the Bernese artist, Zimoun, Turn Back Time, Let's Start This Day Again by the Ticino Ugo Rondinone whose I, John Giorno we were able to see at the Palais de Tokyo this year, and works by the collective A Normal Working Day

Representing Swiss creativity in the field of arts and innovation, this creative series will lead to the publication of a dedicated article that will be published shortly on Digitalarti Média.

BIAN 2016 ORLAN Réalité augmentée
ORLAN, Masques, Pekin Opera Facing Designs & Réalité Augmentée

French and Chinese creativity

In partnership with Arcadi Île-de-France, this third edition of BIAN also presents works by French artists. There are the most recent works by ORLAN, represented by the hybrid work Masques, Pekin Opera Facing Designs & Réalité Augmentée, based on the mask used by the Beijing Opera, equipped as indicated by its title, with an augmented reality device. Also displayed there will be, Men at Work by Julien Maire, Pascal Haudressy with FRANCIS, NARCISSE, UNTITLED and HEART, Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer for The Value of Art and lastly, Patrick Tresset, with 5 Robots Named Paul, an augmented version of Paul, the famous illustrator robot programmed by a former artist, accompanied here by four companions, in a humorous “beaux-arts” workshop for robots! 

5 Robots Named Paul drawing Nino.

A delegation of Asian artists, directed by the Korean curator Dooeun Choi will also feature at BIAN this year. These include, Jeon Joonho and Moon Kyungwon (KR) presenting THE WAYS OF FOLDING SPACE AND FLYING, an astonishing elaboration on travel in space and time (discover at Biennale de Venice), as well as Kim Joon (KR) with CALF and Red Snake, Portraits by Minha Yang (KR), the strange and the poetic cross paths with Machine with Hair Caught in It and Silence of The Wolf Secret Keeping Machine by the Korean duo Ujoo + Limheeyoung (KR) and to complete this offering, LuYang (CN) presenting his Uterus-Man and Delusional Mandala.

머리카락 끼인 기계 Machine with Hair Caught in It stainless steel, microprocessor, dc motor, human hair

BIAN is an international event and of course offers many other exhibitions, regarding itself as a platform for expression and visibility for many other artists from all over the world, with a strong desire clearly expressed by Elektra’s founder, Alain Thibault, “to mix artists belonging to the digital art network with artists who above all identify with contemporary art.” This 2016 edition is particularly thought provoking giving rise to questions, not only about the future of technological art – but also, more broadly, about the future of humanity as a whole. Maxence Grugier

Maxence Grugier

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ELEKTRA BIAN 2016 from Elektra 


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Automata BIAN 2016



Cory Arcangel (US) / Paolo Almario (Quebec, Canada/Colombia) / ANWD (Switzerland) / Martin Backes (Germany) / Nicolas Baier (Quebec, Canada) / Matthew Biederman (Quebec, Canada/US) / Ben Bogart (British Columbia, Canada) / Graham Caldwell (US) / Louis-Philippe Demers (Quebec, Canada/Singapore) / Aleksandra Domanovic (Serbia) / Nelmarie du Preez (South Africa) / Shaun Gladwell (Australia) / Pascal Haudressy (France) / Philippe Internoscia (Quebec, Canada) / Kim Joon (South Korea) / Jeon Joonho (South Korea) / Laura E. Kikauka (Ontario, Canada) / Moon Kyungwon (South Korea) / Sébastien Lacomblez (Belgium) / Jean-Benoit Lallemant (France) / PE Lang (Switzerland) / Oliver Laric (Austria/Germany) / Simon Laroche (Quebec, Canada) / LSD (Boris Edelstein (Switzerland) / Steve Buchanan (US) / Laetitia Doizelle (France) / Felix Luque Sánchez (Belgium) / Julien Maire (France) / Yann Marussich (Switzerland) & Aether Pilot (Quebec, Canada) / Laurent Mignonneau (France) / Benjamin Muzzin (Switzerland) / ORLAN (France) / Jean Piché (Quebec, Canada) / Robotlab (Matthias Gommel, Martina Haitz, Jan Zappe) (Germany) / Ugo Rondinone (Switzerland) / Patrick Saint-Denis (Quebec, Canada) / Tom Sherman (US) / Christa Sommerer (Austria) / Jan-Peter Sonntag (Germany) / David Szanto (Quebec, Canada) / Patrick Tresset (France) / Lukas Truniger (Switzerland) / u_joon + limheeyoung (South Korea) / Edwin Van der Heide (Netherlands) / Bill Vorn (Quebec, Canada) / Norman T. White (Ontario, Canada) / Kenny Wong (Quebec, Canada/HK) / Marco de Mutis (Italy/Switzerland) / Lu Yang (China) / Minha Yang (South Korea) / Zimoun (Switzerland).



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