[artworks selection] Living beings in Digital Artworks

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Here is our selection of artworks involving living beings for very actual reasons. We let each of you decide whether or not you're okay with this kind of "artistic material". Feel free to recommand us artworks deserving to be a part of this list. (community@digitalarti.com)


Orient, it is here now, that I decide to stop

Snails followed by lights, by Quiet Ensemble



Growth Modeling Device

An installation regularly tracks and reproduces the growth of a plant, by David Bowen

growth modeling device david bowen



The Tragedy of the Commons

Ants live in a environment evolving thanks to automatic mechanisms, bridges, doors... by Robin Meier and Ali Momeni



Fly Tweet

Tweets are written and sent according to flys' positions on akeyboard, by David Bowen




Touching plants trigger sounds and lights show, by Scenocosme



Microscopic Opera

Micro-organims' moves trigger sounds, by Matthijs Munnik




Goldfishes trigger music samples according to their height, by Quiet Ensemble



GFP Bunny

a genetically-modified glowing rabbit by Eduardo Kac

photo by chrystelle fontaine



We keep on gathering artworks about living beings in digital artworks. If you're interested in this theme for a study, an exhibition, an event, an installation... feel free to contact us services@digitalarti.com or have a look on our Services.