Animaze explores the world of animation in Montreal

Animaze festival

Animaze is an international film festival and conference exploring the world of animation in all its diversity. Filmmakers and professionals from over 45 countries will converge on Montreal from August 18-21 to celebrate the art and science of animation. 

Now in its third year, ANIMAZE is bringing a world of animation to Montreal. With a selection of over 170 short and feature-length animated films at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, an outdoor 360º Dome with planetarium-style projection and a Virtual Reality Cinema, Animaze has an inspiring and dynamic range of content across platforms and mediums. 

Over the course of four days Animaze celebrates animation with:

- Screenings of over 160 films at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

- The Animaze Industry Conference: The Animaze industry conference brings together animation studios, distributors, vendors, tech startups and developers. With cross-disciplinary collaboration and coproductions Animaze facilitates new animation productions and innovative immersive content. Over four days, HOTEL10 is hosting panels with leaders from across the industry and talks on animation, writing, coproduction, virtual reality, voice acting and more.

- Free outdoor 360º dome courtesy of and a Virtual Reality Cinema 

- Talks and special events

Animaze is a not-for-profit animation film festival with its eye on the future. From in-competition entries to bold emerging talent, it aim for the creative frontiers of animation. Filmmakers from over 45 countries. The festival focus on the next generation of animators with student film competitions and partnerships with colleges and universities from around the world. Since the early days of paper and celluloid, technology and animation have cross pollinated. In the era of the full-CGI feature blockbuster, projects of increasing complexity spur innovation in other industries. Technology is key to the vision of the festival that tends to explore all the ways that it can be used to build upon the creation and enjoyment of the moving image.

Opening night at the Satosphere as part of the DOMESICLE series 18 AOÛT - SOIRÉE "QUALITÉ DE LUXE" Poirier + Mr Touré ! + Kyou * TiND + JOCOOL Animaze is a proud partner of SAT, the Société des arts téchnologiques. 

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Montreal International animation film festival