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From Switzerland to Mexico, Spain to Japan by way of Greece or Germany, Digitalarti Media comes back on 10 digital art events our editors have covered in 2015 and 2016. Thank you to all the partner festivals for your trust. 


Mapping Festival

Mapping Festival 2016 in Geneva has once again exuded a refreshing, pioneering spirit with kinetic installations deconstructing space, a wealth of interactive workshops and an incandescent live AV performance.

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Exhibitions, concerts, performances and contemporary dance… From Brian Eno to Carl Craig, from a Torture Garden party to sound-systems, Electron Festival offered an outstanding line-up for its 13th edition; perhaps the best since its 10th anniversary. Listed below are the main features of this event took place from 24th to 27th March over the Easter weekend in Geneva.

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Elektra Montréal media art

Are we now fully immersed in the age of machines? This is the question asked, from 3rd June to 3rd July 2016, during the international cultural rendezvous organised by ELEKTRA and the Arsenal Contemporary Art space in Montreal, as part of the major exhibition for the 3rd International Digital Art Biennial (BIAN). An exhibition with as theme AUTOMATA: art made by machines for machines.

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Amongst the main obsessions to haunt the modern-day imagination, robotics still feature prominently. In contemporary imagery, from Robot Cop to Iron Man, fantasy surrounding anthropomorphic machines continues to grow. So it is hard to refuse when you are invited to participate by the organisers of the “mechanical” themed Elektra Festival, AUTOMATA, in INFERNO, the Rolls Royce of robotic performances by the Quebecois artists Bill Vorn and Louis-Philippe Demers.

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Sonar D Digitalarti

The Sónar Festival in Barcelona has brought multimedia artists, musicians and performers together from all over the world since 1994. With several hundred digital events squeezed in from 16th to 18th June, it is a mean feat to pick out the most interesting. 

In the space of two decades, Sónar has positioned itself to act as an excellent barometer for digital trends. Sometimes considered the best festival for electronic music in Europe, or even internationally, the line-up of digital works does not disappoint. On the contrary, a clever mix of established artists and avant-garde creators lends particular character to these few outstanding days. After an in-depth perusal, the extremely packed programme, promises a number of novel experiences. For enlightened enthusiasts this is the attraction: previewing creations that, sometimes, will only be performed once. Here is a summary of the 23rd festival’s key digital events.

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Japon Media art festival Digital Choc

From 19th February to 21st March 2016, Digital Choc was back for its 5th edition. Responsible for organising the Tokyo festival, the Institut français in Japan had a strictly Franco-Japanese programme lined up. Through a theme called “futurama,” the artists invited explore the future and raise questions through their disparate perspectives. This bi-national combination and the resulting cultural differences, make it a particularly interesting event.

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The Japan Media Arts Festival holds a prominent position amongst Asian digital arts festivals. The 19th edition, took place from 3rd to 14th February 2016, features contemporary digital creation, animation and video games. On this occasion Award-winning Works, currently one of the finest international exhibitions, assembles all works awarded prizes by the festival in 2015.

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Transmediale Berlin Digitalarti

Called ‘Conversation Piece’, Transmediale 2016 seeks to reboot the format of this big annual gathering of post-digital international culture, by transforming it into a truly ephemeral forum for discussion around the anxious nature of our post-capitalist world. Interview with Kristoffer Gansing, artistic director of Transmediale since 2012.

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Open source festival

Ahead of The Open Source Art festival 2015, which starts this week, we spoke to the organizers about open source ethos and the different projects that will be presented in Sopot for this 5th edition.The Open Source Art Festival started in 2011 with the idea of displaying projects created by open source softwares. This year’s edition will mainly consist performances as collaborations between AV artists and composers based on this years theme of “SYNC”. From September 11, for three days, Polish and international artists such as Michel Pelusio, Lumisokea, Schnitt, Alex Augier, and Herman Kolgen showcased their works in the city of Sopot on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Poland.

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Exit Festival Digital art

Conceived as partner events, festivals VIA in Maubeuge – associated with Mons, European Capital of culture 2015 – and EXIT in Créteil put into shape with still more attention this year all the components of a digital alchemy that embraces all artistic domains from stage creation and installations to immersive cinema.

In French-speaking festivals landscape which usually arise anew from springtime, traditional first blast made by close manifestations VIA in Maubeuge and EXIT in Créteil gets this year a particular resonance. Long-term partnership between VIA Maubeuge and the city of Mons in Belgium benefits indeed from the whole media impact inherited by Hainaut locality after it has been named European Capital of culture 2015. This is a just award for a city of Mons that, in spite of its average size, has always promoted innovative artistic practices through manifestations such as VIA or City Sonics, and that particularly brings out transdisciplinary technological axes carried out for years by artistic programmes at both city’s level.

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ADAF Athens digital arts festival

Baptised Digital Pop, the twelfth Athens Digital Arts Festival (ADAF) aims to highlight the different aspects of a new pop culture underway at the height of the digital age, when new practices linked primarily to new technology and the internet generate new behavioural and creative trends affecting us all on a daily basis, and tinged with an underlying sensitive militant tone. Called Digital Pop, the twelfth Athens Digital Arts Festival starts from the same premise, this time applied to digital behaviour (whether linked to the internet or new technology, but also to new means of digital artistic creation) that is increasingly taking over our lives …and our militant temperament.

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Settled in Guadalajara, Mexico, the International festival of digital arts MOD (Monitor Digital) has celebrated his sixth edition from 19 to 24 august 2015 around its central location of Larva and ex-Convent of Carmen.Supported by the local University of audiovisuals medias (CAAV), the manifestation has grown steadily to become one of the most important event of this kind in Mexico, with more of 6,000 people attending the different events offered (workshops, interactive installations, conferences, video mapping performances, concerts, etc.).

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The Wrong is exhibiting contemporary creation in all its diversity over a period of three months during the second event of its kind. This internationally ambitious biennial, in terms of scope, focuses on digital arts and aims to propose as many events as possible online. From the start of November 2015 until 31 January 2016, world-class digital can be found at thewrong.org. Insight to a unique event that is accessible to everyone, at anytime, repositioning ‘art and technology’ disciplines in their original context: the Internet and its democratic utopia.

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