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Launched in October 2009, Digitalarti News (previously Digitalarti Mag) is now one of the leading media about digital arts and creation. Bilingual (English and French), Digitalarti News presents major and underdog artists and their artworks, announces and brings reports from main digital arts related events around the world, interviews who made the path to digital arts, and who is about to change them in the future.



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Our international media reaches the global creative community. Our community is made of art, culture, technology and creation professionals (artists, curators, collectors, festival managers...) as well as art, technology and creation lovers (designers, communication and event pros...)

Digitalarti News is always looking for the latest trends of digital creation. The media is followed by influencers, always eager of new creations and innovations from the whole world.

The Digitalarti News platfom, real 2.0 media, reaches more than 100.000 people every month via: 

50,000 unique visitors per month
300,000 page views per month
1/3 of our audience is in France, 1/3 in the USA, 1/3 in other courntries (Europe and North America)

80,000 newsletter subscribers (55,000 in English, 25,000 in French)

More than 10 000 Facebook fans
More than 5000 Twitter followers
1,000 Vimeo followers

RSS feeds read by news agregators, both general and personal.



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In case of a partnership with an event/festival dedicated to digital arts, we offer a special price, which goes down as the visibility offered to Digitalarti goes up. Please get in touch to get more details.




Musical cellular automata

  The Game of Life, cellular automata devised by John Horton Conway in 197
by jimrolland