Since 1990, UniversCity TV is the creation and the setting up of a network of interactive communication, linking different European cities (Eurocities) thanks to the modern audiovisual media. The communication between the different Eurocities comes about through the experimentation of Advanced Technology.
UniversCity TV is a mobile laboratory bringing the participants (Cinema and Art school students, teenage groups, etc) a "savoir-faire" and truely "sharp" and "high performance" technical material . Graphical computer, effects control room, use of High Definition, satellite links for a direct and interactive connection between these different European cities (Mediacity)


Cellsbutton#05: Institutional Cells - Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival.

I told you some months ago about the HONF center in Jojakarta. they prepares a new event and seaches for proposals:

The House
Of Natural Fiber (HONF) are proudly to present Cellsbutton#05:
Institutional Cells - Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival.

Cellsbutton#05 will take
the theme of "Institutional" as part of Education Focus Program
curriculum in 2011. Within 8 days of the festival, Cellsbutton#05 will focus on
artistic and communities practices in an "Institutional" form,
engaging local and global development and application in art, science and
technology within the communities.

As an annual
international community-base festival, Cellsbutton#05 will be a
cross-collaborative starting platform for international artists, communities,
scientists, researchers, lecturers, inventors, theorists, activists
practitioners, to exchange knowledge that beneficial for the society.



Yogyakarta International
Media Art Festival

15 - 23
JULI 2011

powered and
organized by HONF
Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory



Please send an
email to house@natural-fiber.com
before 15 June 2011 an A4 size pdf format files containing information of:


Short Biography (100 words max)

Title to be presented in Cellsbutton


Explanation on how the project would be beneficial to local communities





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