Future Fires launches the Luminary event series on March 18, 2017, in partnership with The Midway, a creative complex at 900 Marin Street, San Francisco. 

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Future Fires brings together brilliant artists and creators from around the world who produce groundbreaking work using drones, robotics, VR, projection mapping and more. 
Based in the SF Bay Area, Future Fires provides both a live and online showcase to a global creative community. 



Luminary Premieres March 18, 2017 in San Francisco: Art l Tech l Music


Originally from Istanbul, Can Buyukberber and Yagmur Uyanik  are both Fulbright grantees this year at San Francisco Art Institute. And they are joint artists-in-residence in the upcoming Luminary series, a new showcase of world-class art and tech jointly produced by Future Fires and The Midway. Signature work by Can and Yagmur create a unifying sensibility.

Young in years, but with a mature and original eye for design, Yagmur recently collaborated with American artist and composer Joey Verbeke on the lovely and mysterious installation, Recurrent. In this piece, a sheet of polished metal is animated with moving bands of color from nearby columns loaded with a trove of LED lights. The dance of recombinant patterns playing out on the burnished metal surface is focused, intelligent, and ever moving.

Can Buyukberber has created, in collaboration with Yagmur, immersive environments, projection art, and virtual reality content. Their VR work Morphogenesis, which occupied them for most of 2016, is a compelling 360-degree wander though outer space, an inspired imagining of what it would actually be like to be in the interstellar environment, banking and surfing through galactic shelves and clouds.

More collaboration: the main stage musical artist at the March 18 Luminary event is percussionist-DJ-producer Shigeto. Can will be drawing on his ever-expanding visual pallet to give expression to that artist’s percussive sound-world.

Can seems to be having a moment, as they say, with multiple clients bidding for his talents. Last month he was invited to participate in Auto Desk’s Pier 9 residency program in San Francisco (and accepted).

Getting to know Can and Yagmur, which I’ve had the pleasure of doing this winter, one finds the conversation turns to artists they admire, but also to inspiration found in nature. Geometric order and complex emergent forms (flames, galactic clouds, oceanic waves) lead to digital variations on these themes. Can and Yagmur are not the first digital artists to take delight and instruction from the tropes of the natural world, but they are exceptional in what they have derived, which is both familiar and new.

Both Can and Yagmur will both be present for opening night at this, the first in the Luminary series.

by Clark Suprynowicz

Luminary premieres at The Midway in San Francisco at 900 Marin Street on Saturday March 18, from 6:30 PM to 2 AM. Tickets and more information:

Author Clark Suprynowicz is a founder of Future Fires, and its artistic director.





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