BK makes dangerous modern art.

As a synesthete, BK experiences sound and vision as a
jumbled, blended mix.

The art is all about trying to externalize that experience.


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It's not all Black and White

'It's not all Black and White' - a paean to the grey space in-between our certainties.

It's not all Black and White from B K 

Watch it only if you are not afraid of dangerous modern art.

A statement about this work

In terms of the genetic data that we spring from, there is an almost imperceptible difference between 'black' and 'white' people.
Then of course, we have all those in-between shades of brown, olive, and so-on...

When you stop to think about it, it is kind of amazing that we choose to differentiate ourselves based on such a (literally) superficial, trivial, trait.
But we do, and there you have it - one of the scourges of our existence, the never-ending, futile, fruitless, senseless and hopeless conflict between races.

This little piece, 'It's not all Black and White' is just a simple meditation on the grey spaces that we really inhabit. Grey is the true color of our existence, not in terms of drab, dour or sad, but in terms of uncertainty, ambiguity and subtlety. As I get older, I see fewer hard edge lines, just gradients, blends, and smears of mixed colors and tones. I don't see things in black and white very much at all.

'It's not all Black and White' is another excerpt from my up-coming installation work, '26 Suicides'.

26 Suicides is a 27 chapter, non-narrative new media installation art work. It is the personal and intimate testimony of my synesthetic life. The 26 Suicides installation uses surround sound and multichannel video to deliver an enveloping, synesthetic experience. The videos on Vimeo are excerpts. They are single channel video with stereo audio, offering a taste of the installation.

Still from 'It's not all Black and White'

Sound and visuals by BK.

All rights reserved, all rights waived.




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