The Artlab is a center for research, development and prototyping dedicated to digital arts.
This is our old blog, the new website is there: Digitalarti Artlab  
Le Artlab est un centre de recherche, développement et prototypage dédié aux arts numériques

Vous êtes sur notre ancien blog, le nouveau site est ici Artlab Digitalarti

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Hi, welcome to the Artlab

The Artlab is a center for research, development and prototyping, dedicated to digital arts.

It aims at gathering artists and technicians in a creative and collaborative way. Since 2011, Digitalarti's Artlab has been a place with a multidisciplinary activity, where technology meets artistic creation.

The Artlab is a creative space where artists collaborations with engineers design the outgoing works of their imagination. it is a place of research, development and prototyping dedicated to digital arts and artists provides advanced technical skills, as well as significant material resources to enable the production of works. All works received within the Artlab are co-productions involving the artist with his original idea and Digitalarti with its production equipment and human and financial resource.

Artists are welcomed at the Artlab in 3 different ways:
- Residency : long-term relationship to make an artwork produced by Digitalarti (please get in touch for details)
- Visitor : mid-term projects realized by autonomous creators who need the Artlab's tools, space, atmosphere and a few pieces of advice. It's free, in exchange, the visitor has to take part in the daily life of the lab, and teach a few of his/her competencies, knowledges...
- Commission: artists ask the Artlab to create technical parts of their projects.

Technicians are welcomed at the Artlab as free-lance technicians, visitors, or volunteers (learning by helping)…

The projects are picked up based on several criteria: artistic and creative quality, technical knowledge, potential impact on the artist/technician career, input of the project to the Artlab development, ability of the project and its creator to match the life of the Artlab.

The Artlab is not an actual Fablab, but is close to. We share the fact that we welcome visitors, we favor open source techniques, and we use the same kind of prototyping tools. However, the Artlab is different to a Fablab because all our projects include an artistic dimension and our doors are not as open as the doors of a real Fablab. Please send us a email if you want to come and meet us.

Artlab, Digitalarti, création numérique

Technical resources at the Artlab

- Media/computer : The Artlab is equipped with several computers with all the systems available (Linux, Windows, Mac OS).
- Printed circuit boards: the Artlab has all the necessary materials and tools to create PCB prototypes.
- Electronic operation station: the Artlab is equipped with the required tools for basic or advanced electronic assembly.
- The Artlab also has a CNC machine, tools for basic materials work (wood, plastic, metals), and a 3D printer.
- We are fully equiped and used to work with Arduino and Raspberry Pi (boards, shields, sensors, motors, LEDs...)

- Small and big drills Proxxon®,
 - Tour milling
- grinder Proxxon®
- Digital milling machine Proxxon®
- Software nccad8
- Two jigsawsProxxon®
- Laser cutter Full Spectrum Laser®
- Software Rénita Ingrave 3D
- 3D printer UP Plus 2 ( imprimante 3D)

You can discover some of the Artlab technical resources thanks to this slideshow or at this link.

Artlab, Digitalarti


Contact details

The Artlab is open from Monday to Friday, from 10am to 6 pm.
Please send us an email if you want to come and say hi.

You want to come and work for the Artlab as an artist (in residency, visitor...) or as a technician (full-time, part-time, freelance...) or as an intern ? We'd love to hear from you. Just send us an email.

Mail :
Address: 50 rue d'Aboukir, Paris 02, France
Metro: Sentier (3)