1. Expanded Cinema: Live video/music performance

Angie Eng is a multimedia artist who works in video, installation and time-based performance since 1994. Starting out in New York working with tube cameras, wireless macro cameras, The Fairlight, cheap video mixers and  analogue cinema tricks with puppetry, Eng is best known for her live video performances.  She lives/works between Paris and New York City. 



'Tremorrag' at Festival Formula Bula

Tremorrag(Pascal Battus, Angie Eng) explores the subtlety of movement and the poetics of sound and image. This audio-visual duo focuses on the concept of our ability to visualize and hear movement by combining live ink drawing and digital design. Interactive sound/video effects are as direct as the pick up mics and micro cameras attached to their pen and hands. Their animations resemble artists (with a twitch): Len Lye, Henri Michaux or Cy Twombly . 

The collaboration was inspired by Battus’ series of abstract metro drawings in which he places his pen on paper and let the movement of the train dictate the composition, line and texture of the drawing. For years, Battus has been developing what he calls Graphones, in which he produces sound and drawing on paper with the same gesture. He also presents a wide range of sound possibilities and experiences, including the surrounded guitar, acoustic and amplified percussion, rotative surfaces, saz and pick-ups of guitar.

Eng, formerly trained as a painter in the tradition of abstract expressionism, began combining live drawing in her video performances ten years ago. The drawing is used as emotional gesture to capture the energy or essence of a place, person or thing as well as symbolic narrative. The instantaneousness of a time-based medium allows a dynamism that the audience witnesses as each choice is made.This demystification of process has been a recurring element in much of her live video performance work over the past 18 years. 

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