1. Expanded Cinema: Live video/music performance

Angie Eng is a multimedia artist who works in video, installation and time-based performance since 1994. Starting out in New York working with tube cameras, wireless macro cameras, The Fairlight, cheap video mixers and  analogue cinema tricks with puppetry, Eng is best known for her live video performances.  She lives/works between Paris and New York City. 



PIMA at Microscope Gallery


PIMA Lab screen & perform their experiments

November 23rd 7-8:30pm


PIMA Lab at Microscope Gallery

Angie Eng, John Jannone, Cara Juan, Adrian Jevicki,

Hollie Miller, Rebecca Posner, Lisa Szolovits

and special guest musician: Daniel Veksler


Microscope Gallery

1329 Willoughby Avenue, #2B

Brooklyn, NY 11237

at Jefferson L (exit Starr)

telephone: 347 925 1433


Video as window, Video as a weapon, Video as object, Video as character, Video is it. But not all.  Actors, dancers, painters, singers, filmmakers collide into hybrid art performances that interact with you and machines.  Welcome to the realm of PIMA lab. Experimentation, impulsiveness, phenomenological–plus Angie Eng’s Ad-Attacks and Endings. For this special evening at Microscope gallery the ensemble will present: a game piece alluding to shared economies, an exquisite corpse action figure, a detritus dance ritual and a transgender giant digital squid!  


Don’t miss out on this special occasion where PIMA (Performance Interactive Media Art)  lab offers a sneak peek in public.  PIMA lab is a conglomeration of artists who experiment as an ensemble to create short interactive media performances. Their spectacles are developed through each individual’s respective lenses that bring a spontaneous take on sound, image, movement and interactivity. The concept of PIMA was established by John Jannone at Brooklyn College. 


Microscope Gallery was founded in 2010 by artists and curators Elle Burchill and Andrea Monti and is located in the Bushwick area of Brooklyn, NY. The gallery specializes in the works of moving image, sound, digital and performance artists - from the emerging to pioneers of their art forms - through exhibitions and weekly events.