1. Expanded Cinema: Live video/music performance

Angie Eng is a multimedia artist who works in video, installation and time-based performance since 1994. Starting out in New York working with tube cameras, wireless macro cameras, The Fairlight, cheap video mixers and  analogue cinema tricks with puppetry, Eng is best known for her live video performances.  She lives/works between Paris and New York City. 



Morphic Resonance : Nuit Blanche/ FRASQ


Morphic Resonance (Angie ENG/ Sofi HÉMON)
during Nuit Blanche from 8pm-midnight 
opening night of FRASQ  (Festival #4 Performance Festival) 
Le Generateur 

16 rue Chrales Frérot Gentilly
navette gratuite de 20h-2h à place d'italie 
départ toutes les 20 mn devant le Centre Commercial Italie 2
RER B Cité universitaire + T3 arrête poterne de peuples
M7 porte d'italie + Bus 184

More info:  FRASQ  

Morphic Resonance is a series of performative video installations by Angie Eng and Sofi Hémon.  Hémon builds organic structures of indigenous fibers as well as recycled materials. Her sculptures have been deeply inspired by the Amazon after researching indigenous tribes and spending numerous art residencies in Brazil. In real time, Eng maps multiple video channels of drawings and video loops onto the structures. As Hémon constantly changes the structures, Angie Eng captures on camera close ups of her weaving, sculpting and composing in real-time. Like kinetic sculpture, the installation is in constant movement through time and space.

The title refers to the term coined by Rupert Scheldrake who theorized a memory of nature… the idea of mysterious telepathy-type interconnections between organisms and of collective memories within species.