1. Expanded Cinema: Live video/music performance

Angie Eng is a multimedia artist who works in video, installation and time-based performance since 1994. Starting out in New York working with tube cameras, wireless macro cameras, The Fairlight, cheap video mixers and  analogue cinema tricks with puppetry, Eng is best known for her live video performances.  She lives/works between Paris and New York City. 



Chasers perform at Les Voutes



Chasers makes art stuff with old stories and their new toys

Angie ENG - mixes video with her VideoBass
Atau TANAKA - makes music with his modsquad patch on smartphones
Cécile LACOMBE -mixes video with her VideoBass (in red) 

old stories: 
Seven Samurai versus Magnificent Seven
Charlie Chaplin versus Max Linder
James Bond versus 0SS 117
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Chasers is an A/V pop band whereby performers use customized digital instruments to distort, fracture and remix American and French cult films.  In the age of recycling and innovation, this trio comes together with new technology and our old fond memories of popular culture. Their work process highlights the art of resampling and repackaging computer manipulation. They are not recreating a film, but juggling with our memories of popular culture and preconceived definitions of narrative image and sound.  They choose cultural copies, such as: spy films, Dr No versus OSS 117, a western Magnificent 7 with its inspiration, Seven Samurai and/or silent  cinema Charlie Chaplin and his hero Max Linder. 


A smart phone is used as a musical instrument; a videobass has a similar function as your remote control than a guitar. New York video artist Angie Eng and  Parisian VJ Cécile Lacombe play their Videobasses, computer sensor video controllers in the shape of bass guitars.  Front center is Atau Tanaka, music researcher, scientist and inventor of the modsquad patch for playing music samples via hand gestures on smart phones.