1. Expanded Cinema: Live video/music performance

Angie Eng is a multimedia artist who works in video, installation and time-based performance since 1994. Starting out in New York working with tube cameras, wireless macro cameras, The Fairlight, cheap video mixers and  analogue cinema tricks with puppetry, Eng is best known for her live video performances.  She lives/works between Paris and New York City. 



Chasers (Angie ENG, Cécile LACOMBE, Atau TANAKA


VideoBass mashup of Dr No meets 0SS-117 with Atau Tanaka playing iphones and his Modsquad patch

Angie ENG/Cécile LACOMBE on Videobass
(no we don't play music we play video on our VIDEObasses!)
Saturday, 20 October 8:30
Soirée IRL  Centre Mercoeur 
4 rue Mercoeur 75011 Paris  M° Voltaire

the line up:

8:30 entartete elektronische
9:30 Erik Parr 

10:30 Chasers (Angie Eng, Cécile Lacombe) with Atau Tanaka 

entartete elektronische 
video :

Erik Parr : Surveyor #1
Surveyor #1 combines fragments of video footage and field-recordings into a shifting landscape. Video shot in locations across Iceland are assembled and manipulated algorithmically in real time. In response to the video, layers of sounds are generated from an online database of 100,000 sounds from around the world. The result of this controlled chaos is an evolving topography, creating a mythological landscape.

Angie Eng, Cécile Lacombe, Atau Tanaka : Chasers

Eng and Lacombe come together to play a mashup of James Bond(“Dr. No”) versus 0SS-117-”Lost in Rio”with their video instrument, The VideoBass (invented and built by swiss engineer/artist Michael Egger). Eng plays Dr. No and Lacombe 0SS-17. Eng categorized and re-edited the film clips as gestural notes. Sliding on the chord enables her to ‘scrub’ through the clip. She collated scenes such as: shooting, turning the head, looking at a watch, chasing, etc. Lacombe lumakeys and plays with the tempo of her clips using videobass effects and a frame buffer. Together they stitch a comical version of a parody of the two films. One easily sees the parallel of James Bond and the spy novels of Jean Bruce 0SS-117 (1949) which predates James Bond. The film 0SS-117 is a eurospy spoof which was a parody not of James Bond but of the original 0SS-117 films of the 1960′s.

Their non-linear narrative mash-up is also a commentary on history. Rather than regard history as a linear continuum, the spy series is much like a video loop where today one is not certain which came first- the copy, the original, the spoof of the copy, the spoof of the orginal.

Their debut mash up will be presented at Soirée IRL on October 20th in Paris with the soundtrack music remix by Atau Tanaka on iphones.
Tanaka responds to the video performance by mixing, cutting, and mashing materials from the soundtracks of these films. He uses his Modsquad patch that incessantly reorders time slots, making the otherwise slick and smooth Bond stutter. He also loops key moments in the soundtracks' music and dialog, and performs them through his PureData granulator patch on smartphone, tilting and shaking to timestretch, pitch shift, filter and freeze sound in loose correlation to similar processes in imagery.
Atau :

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