Director: Martina Menegon.

Saint suaire

Director: franck barriac.


Director: jurgen ostarhild.

Smokes Inferno

Director: josephine morkeberg - me.

Spiritual Disaster

Director: Jason Laba.

SRIR- Silk Road Inner Road-

Director: *LLND.

The Silk Road. Inner road
A virtual voyage on earth, a real voyage of the mind.

This audio video installation-performance evokes the golden age of the cities located on the map of the Road of the Silk, which connected Asia with the Occident starting in 2nd century before JC.
A parallel between the commercial and cultural voyage of ancient civilizations is established from Venice to Xi' an and the inner voyage, initiatory, suitable for the development and the personal accomplishment.
The installation proposes a meeting of various living matters, which enter in resonance with the performance.
The sounds and images of this synesthesic live are mainly created and sequenced in real time to be played live onto 4.1 sound and 3 video screens.

stem building

Director: .

Stroke Line, Dream, Economy, Prote 00017

Director: VRio Zhiguil.

sunset city

Director: noart1999.


Director: Colin Tresadern.

Painting of a retro sixties style hot rod surf truck. An eclectic blend of abstract and realism using Gestalt op-art techniques.