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GeekPhysical uses technology to create interactive experiences, installations, happenings, or playful rendezvous. We combine Interaction Design with Experience Design with Engineering to invent incredibly memorable experiences.

Music for Flesh II - solo piece for Xth Sense biosensing wearable device

Music for Flesh IISolo piece for augmented muscles sounds (Xth Sense Biosensing Wearable Technology) Recorded live at The University of Edinburgh, UK, March 2011.

Walking the Edit

Walking the Edit is an innovative system to “walk a movie” : your recorded walk will be translated into a movie through an iPhone app'.   ...

Finding Good au-pair

Sometimes any family may find some difficulties to get agood au-pair but him or her in crying need for her. Suppose their family have a new born child who is in need for extra care. So we can understand what difficulties come up without a good au-pair. ...

3lectromode Blog Feed

On smart textiles, wearable technologies and performativity

labtolab, a network initiative


Insert digital art informations on your Web pages

You can insert Festival news on your own Web pages. You can include a Festival widget, ie a an automaticaly updated windows of Festival news like the one bellow. To do that, click on the "get widget" button and copy the code to paste it in one of your web pages. You will have the following result. We will also shortly provide additional presentations options...     ...
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