Humans since 1982 copied by a Thai advertising agency

Left, the orginal. Right, the copy. ...

Resident Stéfane Perraud's "Bluer than Blue" project

Following his first collaboration with Digitalarti (the monumental installation FLUX) Stéfane Perraud started mid-April his residency at the Artlab for his project Bluer than Blue. ...

[artworks selection] Living beings in Digital Artworks

Here is our selection of artworks involving living beings for very actual reasons. We let each of you decide whether or not you're okay with this kind of "artistic material". Feel free to recommand us artworks deserving to be a part of this list. (   ...

[Portrait] Jeffrey Shaw, the art of interactive cinema

This article comes from Digitalarti Mag 13. read it online for free. Famous for pioneering the use of digital media within virtual, cinematographic, interactive and expanded environments, Australian artist Jeffrey Shaw was one of the first to create hybrid installations, such as The Legible City, in which the viewer rides a real bike in front of a big screen to explore a virtual city. ...

next publications / prochaines publications

Next days, my most significant works will be published in this blog. All concert pieces are available for festivals and events - Dans les prochains jours, mes travaux les plus significatifs seront publiés dans ce blog. Toutes ces pièces de concert sont disponibles pour les festivals et évènements -

Move Sweet Move


[Art] Sound palette


[Reflexion] Norbert Hillaire, Photomobiles

Schifters, Norbert Hillaire, Photomobiles, serie Lignes de fuite. Photo: D.R. This interview comes from Digitalarti Mag 13, read it online for free. ...

virtual sculpt

virtual sculpt* image and sound by Rémi Bouffort    ...

what a dog life

Hello this is a short video. music and image by Rémi bouffort

what a blue sky inside, dog of war, oh my god Vasarely and others

hello this is my new compositions, "what a blue sky inside" 100x70 cm "dog of war" 100x70 cm "Oh my god Vasarely" 100x70cm "prison environnementale" 100x70 cm...

By my Smartphone : Ghourri codé

A travers cette série intitulée : "By my Smartphone" je produis chaque jour un auto-portrait a l'aide de mon Smartphone afin d'exprimer mon humeur quotidienne, a travers une palette de coleurs, de formes, et de motifs.
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