GRID, a monumental kinetic installation

GRID is a massive LED installation. A grid made of 150 light bars in triangles is hung by motorized winches, each winch is controlled by a software, each software is connected to Ableton Live to be synchronized with the music. This system produces a real light choreography, transforming the spaces which welcome it. ...

[News from NYC] First Class graduates from School For Poetic Computation

No less than 10 weeks after the inaugural session of the School For Poetic Computation opened its doors to 15 eager students in September 2013, SFPC’s First Class has emerged with myriad new ideas, a few changed attitudes and some surprising projects. ...

Banksy adds digital artworks to his NYC residency

Everyone knows Banksy, the famous (but anonymous) street artist. For October, he decided to stay in New York City and use the whole town for a personal outdoor exhibition 'Better Out Than In".  ...

[News from NYC] Eyebeam residencies redux

Exactly one year after hurricane Sandy ravaged New York City two nights before Halloween, flooding much of Chelsea and destroying $250,000 worth of digital archives and technological equipment at Eyebeam Art+Technology Center, the results of its 2013 summer residencies are further proof of the 16-year-old new media center’s resilience. ...

CHiKA talks about her installation SHiKAKU 07

CHiKA talks about her installation SHiKAKU 07 1:39 minutes (770.85 KB)

Pigeons smuggle cigars, shoot video diaries

A few years ago, I met a man in China who said he raised pigeons as pets. Curious, I asked him if he used them to send messages. "We have e-mail," was his bristled reply....

Zimoun commissions his latest project's technical development to the Artlab

  Swiss artist Zimoun asked Jason Cook, former director of the Artlab,  to create in the Digitalarti's Artlab the technical part of his latest project.  ...

[Portrait] Jean-Pierre Balpe, inventor of literature

If new forms of writing, especially those that bring together literature and computer programming, have developed over the past years, it's above all thanks to pioneers like Jean-Pierre Balpe. The poet, writer, teacher1 and researcher has never ceased to create hypermedia connections that highlight the intersections between artistic practice and technological discourse. As far as writing is concerned, he has linked the concepts of automatic text generation inherited from the surrealists and a widespread contemporary digital tool. ...

"It's You" the experience of an interactive group, by Karolina Sobecka

Not another Kinect project. This is an interesting artistic project involving interaction, trying new ways of making the artwork evolve thanks to the public. It does not work as a toy, or as a installation that mainly proves you that you did move your arm (just in case you did not notice your moves). ...

WJ-SPOTS #2 <46> I Wei Li

LINK TO ALL WJ-SPOTS VIDEOS   I-Wei Li (TW/ CA/ DE) Artiste, curatrice Artist, curator   WJ-SPOTS   Conférences sur l'histoire et le futur de la création artistique sur Internet. ////// Conferences on the history and the future of the internet. PLAYLIST - I-Wei Li

[Interview] Maximillian Lawrence

Maximillian Lawrence explains his musical toys to Cherise Fong, our correspondant in NYC. More about him in our article here.

[News from NYC] Anything-but-digital open studios at Clocktower Gallery

Currently on view at the Clocktower Gallery are the in situ workspaces of two artists who make new electronic music with old-fashioned instruments: one older, New Yorker legend of experimental sound, double-bass player, co-founder of Plastickville Records, Lary 7; one younger, Philadelphia-based multi-media installation artist, painter and printer, co-founder of Space 1026, Maximillian Lawrence. ...

incite/ live @ DigitalAnalog Festival, Munich

incite/ @ Digitalanalog Festival, München   Fr., Oct. 11th 2013 doors 8:30pm Gasteig Black Box free admission

WJ-SPOTS <iMAL> Paolo Cirio Part 1
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