Brian Eno augmented

Brian Eno has always been a pionneer in many ways, electronic music, hybridation between arts, space research… For now, he looks toward augmented reality. For his new album he made with Karl Hyde, "Someday World", he worked with Lukasz Karluk, a digital artist working in the fields of interactive installation and generative computer art.  ...

Tangible Orchestra, light and sound playground

Tangible Orchestra is a light and sound interactive installation. Cylinders are arranged in the public place. Every time a person approaches it, sensors activate a different sound by cylinder, and its intensity is translated into light by LEDs. When several people go through the space, sounds fit together to create a music that composes the soundtrack of the moment. ...

[Event] Herman Kolgen live at Kings Place, London

Herman Kolgen is one of the most impressive audiovisual performer in the world. His lives are a mix of very precise sequences and emotionnal, immersive music. For over twenty years, he explores intimate relationship between video and sound through installations, videos and performances. ...

incite/ wins the Visual Music Awards 2014

incite/ wins the Visual Music Awards 2014 The Jury of the Frankfurt-based Visual Music Awards voted incite/ as the winner of this year’s Visual Music Live Contest!  ...

le lac des cygnes

Hello, this is my new pictures the black swan 2&3. Nouvelle images le lac des cygnes 2&3. le lac des cygnes 100x70cm tirage lambda

[NYC] Small Data reanimates old media

At a time when artists are taking video mapping to new dimensions and designing spectacular displays on iconic buildings, Daniel Canogar has trimmed his projections to intimately diminutive proportions, refocusing the spotlight on nostalgic remnants of technology past. ...

[NYC] Katabasis: Journey through a 3D junkyard

One could say that 3D models never die, they just sur-render… All puns aside, most designed objects of the digital age begin as a set of minutely adjusted vectors and calculations, before they finally materialize into a mortal product. While the product line of physically manufactured prototypes eventually lives out its earthly existence, the perfected 3D model remains eternally pristine, albeit forgotten, on someone’s hard drive. ...

Still Moving 1994

  Still from my first video artwork "Rif".

Kissing myself

Kissing My self is an art project that uses isight web cam of Apple, and its mirror effect. It aims to create a series of digital photos self portraits. These photos are a representation of me trying to kiss myself to express loneliness and woman suffering of societies restriction of freedom all over the world.

2 musiques concrètes

Before digital aera, my first musique concrète / Avant l'époque numérique, ma première pièce de musique concrète : XBSex35 - 8 mn - musique concrète by/de Bruno de Chénerilles - 1982

Art-Bot by Morgan Rauscher

With Art-Bot, his new sculptural application for haptic feedback robotics, young Canadian artist Morgan Rauscher induces a weird collaborative material performance between artist and artifact. ...

Ominous: Visceral circuitry emergent body

An incarnated sound sculpture ...

[Video] Bill Vorn's crazy machines

Enghien-les-Bains' Arts Center (near Paris, France) welcomes Bill Vorn's robots for a dark exhibition (till March 23rd) and on this occasion, releases a bilingual publication about his whole work. ...
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