Transcultures, Centre interdisciplinaire des cultures électroniques et sonores (direction artistique : Philippe Franck), est une association qui a été créée en 1996 à Bruxelles pour promouvoir et développer les croisements entre les pratiques artistiques/culturelles contemporaines et les enjeux arts/société/technologies. Elle explore plus particulièrement les champs de la création numérique et des arts sonores. Depuis 2008, Transcultures est installée à Mons sur le site des Anciens Abattoirs pour y développer un centre interdisciplinaire alliant production, médiation et réflexion pour les créateurs et les cultures électroniques et sonores.


Transcultures, Interdisciplinary Center for Sound and Electronic Cultures (Artistic Director: Philippe Franck) is an association born in 1996 in order to promote and develop crossings between contemporary artistic practices and arts/society/technology stakes; focusing in particular on sound art and digital creation. Since 2008, Transcultures is settled in Mons (Belgium) and through its new interdisciplinary center, is working on production, mediation and reflection regarding electronic and sound projects.

22.04 - New Technologies in Contemporary Art - Art Brussels Talks 2017


Media art, tech art, web art, digital art, time based media art...What, why and where to?

This panel will examine the recent developments of technology in contemporary art and highlight its importance in relation to a transition into a digital society.

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Alain Servais (collector, Belgium), talks to Valentina Volchkova (International Director Pace gallery, Paris), and Hampus Lindwall (collector, Sweden) to assess the role of digital technology in art and discuss how it has changed since it gained public attention in the late 90’s.

Through the work of JODI and Felix Luque Sánchez, they will explore how artists are responding to technology as a new tool and the different aspects and problematics that digital and technological methods bring to light, as preservation, access and property.

Moderated by Alain Servais, with the participation of:
Hampus Lindwall, collector (Sweden)
Valentina Volchkova, International Director Pace gallery (Paris) JODI, artists (Netherlands - Belgium)
Félix Luque Sánchez, artist (Belgium)

This talk is a part of Art Brussels Talks 2017 and is coordinated with the help of :
>> Selin Ben Mehrez & Vincent Matthu, founders of RLTY.
RLTY is an online resource and communication tool for the development of new technologies in the art market.
>>> Jacques Urbanska, digital art(s) project manager at Transcultures, Belgian Center for digital & sound cultures, Media Artist, art curator, and fouder of a large information web network on « Art(s) + Science(s) » thematic.


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