Paradigm Brussels is a new collective from Brussels. For this first edition we want to bring you more than a party in a great location, in partnership with Fondation Sonore. From mental electronics to techno and industrial music accompanied with quality visuals and an exhibition with Belgians artists. To represent our concept :

■ Plaster live (IT, Stroboscopic Artefact, Kvitnu) 
■ Geistform live (ES, Hands Productions) 
■ Orphan Swords live (BE, Idiosyncrastics)
■ ALEAs a/v performance (Shakmat, Reanimation, FSTN)
■ Roebin de Freitas dj set (Anta Rasa)
■ Sch!zophonic dj set
■ Fading Shade dj set (Mute)
■ Atone dj set (Paradigm) 
+ VJING and artwork by about:blank

And an exhibition curated by Sketch my Mind with Belgian artists.

All Info :


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