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MCD#69 | NET ART – WJ-SPOTS #2: Artists take over the network

Available on newsstands and on MCD's website December 13th.
bilingual French / English
132 pages, 9 euros


If, around a street corner, you happen to be hooked by a piece of street-art, the internet artists should equally surprise you when you surf the web. The network has become an essential space for creation where one can discover audio, visual, generative and interactive art, collaborative practices, telepresence projects… Artists use and hack browsers, social networks, search engines, geolocalisation, software, code.

In this issue, 58 web-activists are presenting their views on networked creation and share their list of reference websites. This snapshot of net art is the second MCD publication dedicated to this art movement, with Anne Roquigny as guest editor. WJ-SPOTS # 1, had already gathered contributions from more than 40 well known figures: artists, critics, researchers, curators, hackers…

The history and future of art on the internet. All of the contributors invite you to explore iconic works of online creation and share their thoughts on the fast developments of network art.  The artwork on the front cover, Agatha Appears, created by Olia Lialina in 1997, tells the story  of Agatha, lost in a big city at night. She meets a network engineer who offers to teach her the power of the internet. Agatha then travels from one web server to another: « to understand the net,  you must be inside »…

We would particularly like to thank all the WJ-SPOTS participants and partners, the French Ministry of Culture and Communication and the MCD advertisers for supporting this publication. Carry on reading on the internet…

Anne-Cécile Worms



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