"Touch the train window !" by Salad

The Salad team in Japan created a poetic interactive installation for train travels. When the passenger touches the window, a object is projected in the landscape according to the area of the window which was touched. In the background or in the sky : a hot-air balloon or a plane appears. In the foreground : a person or a car appears.

This works with a GPS, Kinect, and a projector, programed with openFrameworks.


Impakt Festival 2017: Haunted machines & Wicked problems

Picture yourself living in the internet of things petting a fluorescent cat

Liam Young - "I don't think there's anything new or radical about VR"

This November, renown speculative architect Liam Young honored the Impakt fe


Well then the only

Well then the only explanation must be that the landscape is also part of the projection. That's plausible I guess

Something is strange in this video

One thing i don't understand. How can the objects on the window be darker than the background? Even if we assume the window is covered with some semi transparent material the projected images would always be lighter than the landscape behind. As I see it it must either be a very advanced lcd-screen train window - but in the video we see a video projector as if video projection is used. Otherwise the video must simply be a fictional example created through video editing.

 Hello, Indeed it works with


Indeed it works with a projector Casio XJ 560.

The person brings a transparent screen when he gets in the train. You can see it at 0:19 in the video. It may be the solution.