Open Source Art Festival in Poland

This festival is dedicated to creatives proccess based on free software and open source tools. This third edition takes place in Gdansk from september 13th to 15th.

The main theme of the 3rd edition is "TEST" - testing relations between the efficiency of electrical devices and the threshold of human perception. It embraces concerts, screenings and workshops with artists whose aim is to look at sound, image, motion and possibilities of their use in full, multidimensional perspective. 

Ryoji Ikeda performs "Test Patern"

Heman Kolgen plays "Inject", here at Elektra festival :

The entire program is on festival website.

Open Source Art Festival
September 13 to 15

Open Source Art Festival | promo video from Kolonia Artystów on Vimeo.



Festival Elektra 2017: The Big Data Spectacle

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