MOD: Digital Mexican Operator

Settled in Guadalajara, Mexico, the International festival of digital arts MOD (Monitor Digital) has celebrated his sixth edition from 19 to 24 august this summer around its central location of Larva and ex-Convent of Carmen.

Supported by the local University of audiovisuals medias (CAAV), the manifestation has grown steadily to become one of the most important event of this kind in Mexico, with more of 6,000 people attending the different events offered (workshops, interactive installations, conferences, video mapping performances, concerts, etc.).

Among highlights of 2014 edition, workshops were particularly pointed out, with working groups dedicated to construction and flight of drones, LED light installation settings or initiation to robotic devices, cinema animation and controllers tools like Arduino. Real-time multimedia experiences were also brought to the public through hectic live performances, with a fine selection of Mexican and South American artists.

It included audio-rhythmic abstractions from Chile-located duo Sinestesia, mixes of video screening and experimental electronics provided by local hacktivists Noise And Error, transdisciplinary acts merging dance and 3D mapping such as ULM, or Monairem, an impressive audiovisual show carried out by Mexican producer Mariano Montaño and that put on a play over the heads of spectators a massive space vessel inviting them to a very special and electronic cosmic journey.

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Laurent Catala


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