Leap Motion first trials by Dofl Yun

Leap Motion is a 3D tracking technology we introduced to you a few months ago as everyone enjoyed the demo video. Its precision and simple functioning brought it as the next big thing but not many trials had been released yet. Dofl Yun is one of the early lucky guys who first received their Leap Motion Dev Board. Helped by Robert Hodgin and Andrew Bell, he enables us to figure out how this innovation use really looks like. Thanks to Leap and a programming based on Cinder (a community-developed, free and open source library for C++), he creates basic 3D shapes and manipulates them.

Experiment for Leap Motion: Mesh Builder from Dofl Yun on Vimeo.

More precise than a Kinect, it allows to use the hand for its very first fonction : as a tool. Tracking an arm, a leg, or a head is interesting, but most of our gestures come from our hand.  Leap seems to offer more than an online buzz: the possibility to work with our most complex and meaningful part: our hands.

Dofl tried to build a Spaceship Race interface. Well done and quite fun, but the Leap System sees here two fists, we are looking forward to see an interface tracking fingers ! 

Experiment for Leap Motion: Spaceship Racer Prototype from Dofl Yun on Vimeo.

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dev kit video

Here goes a video using Kivy from beta-developer Mathieu Virbel : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_X0iEP9kHI Jimmy Hertz


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