Technical Site Upgrade

Update May 29 20:30: web site upgraded. Everything went according to plan ! We will know concentrate on the development of the new user interface. Coming soon. At last !


The site is being upgraded.


Any writing or modifying of info on the site will be blocked from this Sunday May 28th at night to Monday May 29 in the afternoon. The site will be completely closed for an hour or two on Monday afternoon.

We'll try to do this as quickly as possible to minimize downtime. 

We'll be upgrading our production servers (two redondand servers with load balancing) in terms of OS, database and PHP. We're migrating the Digitalarti site from Drupal version 5 to 6 (at last!). We'll then migrate to version 7. 


We will continue in June by a major user interface upgrade that everyone has been asking for since a long time :). 

All this has taken us longer than expected but now that the technical basement is strong, the rythme of change is going to accelerate ! 


Thanks for your patience and understanding.  


The Digitalarti team. 




Kebab, Sunset, Prote 00013

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