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Digitalarti's goal is to promote digital art through a media, an Artlab, a community website and services to companies, agencies, architects....


Digitalarti News - international digital art media

This media (in English and French), deals with digital art, new media, news, artists, innovation and research, festivals programs and the tight relationship between arts and sciences. 


Digitalarti Services

Photo : Immersions Digitales Exhibition @ Accenture Happen Space 2012

Since 2010, Digitalarti has been providing services to companies, local authorities, agencies, architects... worldwide to create innovative digital events, exhibitions, installations, rent or buy artworks, produce tailor-made artworks  and advertising operations. Digitalarti Services have also been enabling these companies to enhance their R&D departments, innovation politics, to communicate in a much more original way and to be a part of a new kind of international digital culture.



artlab digitalarti

The Artlab is a center for production, research, development and prototyping, open to digital artists. It aims at gathering artists and technicians in a creative and collaborative way. Digitalarti's Artlab is a place with a multidisciplinary activity, where technology meets artistic creation. Major creations have already been fullfield by artists in the Digitalarti's Artlab. Click here to see them.


Digital Art Community

More than 1,300 digital creators, festival organizers, gallery managers... use Digitalarti's community website to present their projects, artworks, announce their exhibitions and events and discover other members' work. See what they are up to, and feel free to join them


Digitalarti's Team


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Digitalarti In New York:

Danielle Cheng Business Development 

Previously owner of interior design consulting business and fundraising and event marketing services for cultural art organizations and businesses.


Contact Digitalarti

US New York address:

250 West 100th Street,
New York, NY 10025

Tel US: (212) 202 49 77

French headquarters in Paris:
50, rue d'Aboukir
75002 Paris


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