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Device_Art // Triennial : 5th International Art Triennial of Robotics, Gadgets and Devices

First initiated in 2004 by Croatian organization KONTEJNER | bureau of contempor
by Eastern Bloc

"Noor A Brain Opera" premiers in 360 degree immersive theatre

  Noor – A Brain Opera by Ellen Pearlman A fully immersive brain oper
by Ellen Pearlman

L:ED new creation : "Matilda"

L:ED has been commissioned by the FONLAD Festival to close its 2016 edition
by Dorianne Wotton

Leverage awesome promo material to promote your games – A guide for the beginners

Development of games is one thing and promoting your game is a different thing a
by digitalnews



Hi, my name is Bassim haidar, an Entrepeneur and investor in technology. I would like to talk to you guys about open mix. Could you give me a call anytime this week on +447855888888

the new address?

Hi! I am Hubert and is from Taipei's fablab. I would like to visit your artlab but the old address is invalide. I have been there and they told me you have moved.... what is the new address? Thank you.