Presentation of the fund international selection committee

The funds international selection committee welcomes experienced and renowned digital art professionals who direct top digital art festivals, art centers... The comity members are:

Philippe Franck, founder and director, Festival Transnumériques, Mons 

Alain Thibault, founder and director, Festival Elektra, Montreal

Nils Aziosmanoff, Art 3000 president - Le Cube, Le Cube, Issy les Moulineaux
Dominique Roland, director centre des arts and Festival Les Bains Numériques, Enghien-les-Bains
Jean-Luc Soret, artistic director, La Mep (European Photography Center) / Festival @rt-Outsiders, Paris

South Korea
Dooeun Choi, artistic director, cultural art center NABI – Seoul

Kathleen Forde, curator, Time-Based Arts at EMPAC, Troy, New York State



Phygitalide - Restitution

Video of the premiere of "Phygitalide" (or in plain english Phygital
by LED _Experiments in Digital_

30th Festival Les Instants Video

30 years that our desires are disorders 30 years that we break
by instantsvideo

The Internet Of Things - The Future Of Industrial Automation

In a highly competitive market, the demand for automation rises. Internet of Thi
by Digital Cloud

The State of Things 2017

An exhibition by Overtoon & Werktank September 15 - October 15 2
by iMAL