More than 10 investors already joined the digital art investment fund

More than 10 investors have already joined the digital art investment fund

The digital art investment fund “Digital Art Promotion,” launched in April 2009, has already received subscriptions from more than 10 investors. Those subscriptions permitted  the acquisition of the fund’s nine initial artworks. The artworks are each described on the site. A set of reference documentations and other works are also being collected.

Without naming them individually, those investors can be divided  into three almost equal parts:

- Amateurs looking to discover digital art
Participating  in the fund is a good way for them to discover this field, so as to become collectors themselves later on – for example, by acquiring artworks from artists already selected by the fund.

- Digital art professionals
Those professionals are very conscious of the potential of digital art. They recognize the quality of the fund’s selection comittee. So they want to participate.

- Bankers / investors
These investors share the conviction of the fund’s founders: the field of digital art will be growing at a quick pace and the valorization of well-chosen artworks will be high.

Whatever one’s situation or particular interest in digital art, the fund is open to subscriptions. Join these first investors. More information here.



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