BILL, created by Emmanuel Le Cerf in Digitalarti's Artlab

Emmanuel Le Cerf created BILL from a simple paper bill. It deals with a piece of material supposed to last on the long-term, which is turned into a never ending show.

Artist Emmanuel Le Cerf used a basic bill paper. Originally white, this paper becomes blue when touched by heat. If over-exposed to heat, the paper is totally blue. If a new heat comes close to the blue paper, it lets a white and ephemeral mark. This is the unexpected property Emmanuel used for BILL. He describes how:

Bill is kind of a "mechanical cinema". I tried to divert the heat paper mainly used as a basic bill. Its chemical properties struck my mind as I realized this material could become something different with a few operations. The paper becomes blue where it has been overheated. Afterwards, it becomes possible to actually mark it: a new contact with heat colors the paper back to white, a mark which ends up by vanishing after a few second tenths, which is a real paradox since a bill is supposed to be a long-lasting proof.

The paper used for this creation has been turned blue thanks to a flame. It is now totally useless since it has been entirely "developed". A mechanism makes the paper strip go round through the window of a large white frame. The strip grazes a hot iron point. This short contact creates a white mark in the blue, a mark which lasts for a short while. It creates a never-ending travelling on a plane flying in the sky or a cruise smile without any target.

BILL, created by Emmanuel Le Cerf in Digitalarti's Artlab from Digitalarti on Vimeo.

BILL was created in Digitalarti's Artlab.
Project assistant: Jason Cook (Artlab Manager)
Video: Quentin Chevrier
Material: traditional paper used for bills in stores all around the world, gear-head DC motor, clip-frame, extremely hot tip.

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